History of Chebec

She was designed by Claude Graf and built for his friend Francois Spoerry. Spoerry was a french architect and famous from creating the town of Port-Grimaud near St. Tropez.

After being built by Tung Hwa Marine in Taiwan, Chebec was shipped from there to Casablanca in 1979 from where Claude Graf sailed her to Port-Grimaud to her first owner.

We’ve heard that Chebec was later on sold to a german man who was running the Volkswagen factory in Mexico. There was also text  Road Town (the capital of the British Virgin Islands) underneath a thick layer of old paint and stickers that used to say London.

A little bit of history

I’ve found some information of Chebec’s adventures from two blog posts (link1 and link2) mentioning Chebec crossing the Atlantic from Bermuda to Belgium in May 1991 in near hurricane conditions and all beaten up. We’ve also found one French document dated 1991.

Crossing the Atlantic 1991 – Photo: http://yachtvoyages.blogspot.com/

The next clues are from contract of sales 1999 when she was sold to Luxembourg and from 2002 when she was sold to London. Another ownership change in 2004 and in 2006 she was bought from London and sailed to Sweden.

New owners had the boat surveyed by professional in London but for some odd reason the survey did not reveal any of the hidden problems. Later it turned out that the surveyor was apparently friend of the seller and all contacts to him were lost after the deal was done. When Chebec arrived to Sweden she was supposed to have a new teak deck done but that project turned out to be a full rebuild of the entire boat. She’s been on hard land ever since.

Chebec was bought again in 2017 by us and registered to Finland. Due to a long list of unplanned complications he is still at hard in Sweden and work in progress.